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Adhering to the Three Major Values to Show the Leading Power in “BORN FREE”

Created at:2019-03-06

ARCFOX is a high-end intelligent new energy vehicle brand that pursues extreme performance and innovative design. It is designed for the pathfinders who eager to explore the world. At the press conference, Heyi Xu interpreted the ARCFOX brand, “BRON FREE” is ARCFOX's brand proposition.” 

To match the brand proposition, ARCFOX is the combination of ARCTIC and FOX,  representing the brand’s extremely purity, flexible and intelligent personality, as well as the spirit of breaking through and exploring infinite possibilities.

ARCFOX the First Family Concept Motor ARCFOX ECF Concept 

Borderless Aesthetics, Humanistic Technology, Extremely Experience are the brand’s three main core values. Borderless Aesthetics breaks through the boundaries and makes the products as charming as artworks; Humanistic Technology breaks the traditions, leads in a new direction; and Extremely Experience releases speed and power as well as encourages the users to be distinctive. These values not only shape the brand’s unique personality, but also make ARCFOX become an intrinsic motivation of the pioneers.

Boundless Aesthetics Boosts the High-end Development by Brand New Design

The innovations of ARCFOX in design field are concentrated in the brand's original "borderless" family design concept. New energy vehicles have broken through the structural constraints of power systems, and thus have the potential to subvert the tradition in the design of models. ARCFOX’s “borderless” family design concept for new energy vehicles breaks the traditional design and makes the car an artwork of performance and technology. It also defines the matrix family design language of the ARCFOX product and boosts the high-end development of the ARCFOX brand.

It is mentionable that the legendary master De Silva, who has designed the classic models of Bugatti and Audi, has come to the scene to elaborate on the “borderless” family design concept. De Silva said that the "borderless" family design concept is not limited to the adhibition of technology and materials. It’s design with a forward looking breaks the boundary between automotive engineering and manufacturing as well as the boundary of multidimensional sensory interaction.

Design Master De Silva Elaborates the “Borderless” Family Design Concept

In the 2.0 era of new energy vehicles, ARCFOX's “borderless” family design concept redefines the design of automobiles and is setting off a wave of “borderless aesthetics”. 

Development of both product and brand leads the new energy vehicle 2.0 era 

As the first time that BAIC Group released high-end brand at top overseas auto show, ARCFOX is a brand-new product that BAIC Group has handed over to the auto industry with 60 years of accumulation. ARCFOX has ed what do people  think about Chinese brands with the auto models of high-level appearance,  intelligence and performance. It also demonstrates that ARCFOX is committed to the mission of BAIC Group and even the Chinese automotive industry.

ARCFOX Track Version 

ARCFOX-GT, which inherits the racing gene, was born in the high-performance vehicle research and development center of BAIC Group in Spain, and passed the certification of the European professional institutions. It is the first in China to run the super-running production. With the support of technologies such as the 6-motor powerful drive, high-performance liquid-cooled battery, integrated carbon fiber body and racing-grade chassis adjustment, the100-kilometer acceleration has reached an astonishing 2.59 seconds, giving you an ultimate experience.

ARCFOX-GT  Born on the Track and also can Drive on Street 

ARCFOX ECF Concept with smart cockpit is a SUV has 2900mm wheel base.  Thanks to the “borderless” design concept, the ARCFOX ECF Concept is simple, not only has a distinctive shape but also a comfortable and spacious space. It also reflects the Matrix family design feature of the ARCFOX product; and the intelligent cockpit with the ARCFOX ECF Concept can identify users in a variety of ways and perform deep intelligent interactions. It is worth mentioning that the future production models of ARCFOX ECF Concept are quasi-L3 high-quality intelligent SUVs, which are in the leading position in the same class of vehicles in terms of vehicle performance, vehicle interconnection and automatic driving technological applications.

ARCFOX’s First Family Concept Model ARCFOX ECF Concept

The ultimate product strength is rooted in ARCFOX's breakthrough in tradition. It is endorsed by BAIC Group and the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center to implement a fully intelligent technology platform strategy. Relying on the development of a new generation of intelligent pure electric vehicle platform, ARCFOX will create a full-family product matrix of “High Performance Racing” + “High-end Smart Family Vehicle” + “Unmanned Smart Terminal”. 

Meanwhile, ARCFOX insists on close cooperation with the world's top partners such as Daimler, Magna, Huawei, etc. to establish an ecosystem and achieve alliance development. It creates an innovation cooperation model for the entire industry chain in the aspects of product development, high-end manufacturing, intelligent network, and automatic driving data processing chips.  

The release of ARCFOX is an important practice for BAIC Group to promote the product brand and layout the new energy vehicle 2.0 era. It is also the start point of BAIC New Energy to lead the new energy vehicle 2.0 era with high-end brands. As the Secretary of the Party Committee of BAIC Group and Chairman Heyi Xu said, “ARCFOX  is an innovative flame of BAIC Group to light up the world; and this flame is penetrating the history and facing the future".