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Walk into the South African Auto Festival and Feel the “World BAIC"

Created at:2019-08-21

On August 21st, local time, the annual South African Auto Festival inaugurated in Johannesburg. As the largest and most influential integrated auto show in South Africa, the South African Auto Festival has become an important opportunity for major auto companies to open up South Africa and the entire African market. At the Auto Festival, BAIC has exhibited the main local sales products and launched new products for the local market, further strengthened the communication between the BAIC brand and local consumers, and demonstrated the international brand image of BAIC Group.

South Africa, with the name of “Rainbow Country”, is the second largest economic entity in Africa. As one of the overseas key areas of BAIC Group, South Africa also leads the African industrialization and economic culture. On the scene of Auto Festival, Zhengmao Ye, deputy general manager of BAIC Group, said that BAIC Group has always had a dream to face the world. As a large state-owned enterprise, BAIC Group has mission and responsibility  to implement the “One Belt, One Road” actively and carry out extensive international cooperation. The rapid development of the BAIC South Africa Project is the result of the joint efforts of the people of China and South Africa, marking the BAIC Group's commitment to South Africa has risen to a new height. BAIC Group is being trustworthy, affective, skillful and seeking for innovation, and it will make new and greater contributions to the mutually beneficial of the commerce between China and South Africa with the most open attitude and the most pragmatic cooperation.

app PLUS Right Rudder Rersion Creates Localized Exclusive Products

At this year's Auto Festival, BAIC Group's app PLUS right-rudder model, which was tailor-made for South African consumers, was officially unveiled. More than 20 South Africa’s mainstream media and 30 reporters witnessed this amazing moment. As a star product of the BAIC “Off-Road Family”, app PLUS continues to strengthen the value of its “high-performance professional off-road” products. For South African off-road enthusiasts, professional, versatile, and dynamic are important indicators to evaluate the performance of an off-road vehicle. A power-added for off-road, a powerful 2.3T turbocharged engine, and a freely modified endow the app PLUS a hard-core character.

In addition, BAIC Group also exhibited two products, D20 and X25, which have been appeared in South Africa. The X25 and D20 have a stylish design and high-quality control configuration. The product feature of "high performance and low fuel” meet the needs of local auto consumption. 

The South African Auto Festival is different from the general auto show. Its venue, the Kayalami Circuit, has a professional runway, which allows visitors to not only see the static display of BAIC products, but also participate in the test drive at any time and experience the driving performance of the car. Several of the main models of the BAIC whizzed past the track, attracting individuals to watch and actively test drive.

BAIC South Africa Establishes a “Going Out” Overall Program Template Not 

Except the product, BAIC Group is vigorously promoting the “Going Out” in terms of brand, technology, management, and service. The BAIC South Africa Base is a model for BAIC to explore the “Going Out” solution. In recent years, the construction of BAIC South Africa has made rapid progress. In December 2015, under the witness of the two countries’ leaders, BAIC Group and South Africa Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) signed a South African factory cooperation project; in August 2016, the factory was officially laid; July 24, 2018, the leaders of the two countries witnessed the successful assembly of BAIC's first car assembled locally in South Africa. In less than one year, on June 28 this year, the SKD production line of BAIC South Africa was fully integrated,   with continuous mass production capacity. It has also accomplished vehicle certification, personnel training, market expansion and some other work. 

In the future, BAIC South Africa will also produce passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as other automotive products suitable for the South African market; and simultaneously produce left-rudder and right-rudder automotive products. BAIC South Africa Industry Base will be built into a comprehensive industrial base involving automotive research and development, manufacturing, auto finance, auto services, car leasing, used car business, and new energy business. It  will become a cooperation entity that serves to the South Africa, even the whole African areas.

Construct the “ World BAIC”   BAIC Group Firmly Promotes Internationalization

BAIC Group is one of the backbone automobile groups in China, as well as an international automotive company with global influence and competitiveness. In 2018, BAIC Group's revenue reached 480.7 billion yuan, with a cumulative global sales of 2.4 million units; it ranked 129th in the “Fortune Global top 500” in 2019. With the development of more than 60 years, BAIC Group has become a large automobile group enterprise covering R&D and manufacturing of complete vehicles, general aviation industry, auto parts manufacturing, auto service trade, investment and financing, and etc.

To construct the "World BAIC" is the unshakable dream of BAIC Group. In recent years, BAIC Group has established a number of professional R&D branches in major developed countries through deepening and expanding international cooperation, and has launched KD factories in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with sales channels all over the world.

In the first half of this year, BAIC International Group made new breakthroughs in key markets such as South Africa, Southeast Asia and Mexico. BAIC Foton continued to maintain the No.1 exporting volume of commercial vehicles in China. In terms of joint venture cooperation, BAIC Group invested in Daimler , to further deepen the strategic cooperation between the two parties in the aspects of corporate strategy, management, technology and business. The cooperation between BAIC and Hyundai has been further strengthened. BAIC Group pays more attention to the needs of Chinese consumers in the introduction of new energy products, new technology research and development, and etc. and promote Beijing Hyundai's multi-dimensional innovation in the aspects of sales, brand, cost, organization, and etc.; cooperates with Magna to build a high level new energy vehicle innovative center and intelligent factory in  Zhenjiang, produces a new generation of ARCFOX high-end brand intelligent new energy vehicles, while providing the third-party electric vehicle R&D and complete vehicle manufacturing services, and making the Chinese high-end new energy vehicle brands go into the world.

With the increasing strategic opportunities of international cooperation created by the “One Belt, One Road”,  as well as the continuous development of BAIC Group's high quality and international level, BAIC’s  has more and more globally partners, and the “Going Out” strategy is more effective. In the global integrated industrial structure, BAIC Group will be more helpful to Chinese manufacturing industry.