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BAIC Group Gives Full Support for the 2014 Tour of Beijing with Olympic Standards to Make Cycle Racing Bloom in China

Created at:2014-10-10

On October 10, the 2014 Tour of Beijing started with the sound of a gunshot. As an official chief partner of this Tour, BAIC Group provided about 160 cars, from its subordinate BAIC Motor, Changhe Auto, Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, and Foton, for the auto team and service guarantee, to fully provide support for this international level Tour during the whole journey. BAIC Group has already sponsored the Tour of Beijing for four successive years.

The Tour of Beijing is the only competition of the UCI World Tour in Asia, which belongs to the highest level of UCI’s competitions, together with the likes of the Tour de France. The five-day Tour attracted 18 world top cycling teams from the UCI, with 135 people participating in the competition.

The highlight of this Tour is that the competition is held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou City of Heibei Province. A related official of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau said that the Tour of Beijing broke the geographical boundaries and extended the racing route to Zhangjiakou City, which would facilitate the cooperation between Beijing and Zhangjiakou City in sports, culture, tourism and other fields, and meanwhile, this demonstrates the strength and high level of Beijing and Zhonagjiakou City with respect to holding a big international event in the world, and would also have a positive impact on the bidding to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

In recent years, BAIC Group has been all along committed to the sponsorship of various sports events and gradually formed a sponsorship system. In addition to sponsoring the Tour of Beijing for four successive years, it also gives a great support to sports events of volleyball, motorcycle racing, football, etc. Currently, Beijing and Zhangjiakou City jointly bid to hold the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, and BAIC Group, as a sponsor, will provide safe, reliable and comfortable service cars as well as high quality and high level operation service guarantee for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee.

Lu Zhenqing, Vice Chairman of BAIC Group, said that actively participating in the Tour of Beijing and other large sports activities and promoting the development of sports undertakings, is BAIC Group’s bounden responsibility and obligation as a large state-owned enterprise in Beijing, and at the same time, supporting sports also helps to set up BAIC Group's responsible internationalization corporate image, and enhance the corporate brand value. In recent years, BAIC Group, by sponsoring the Tour of Beijing, and participating in organizing the Beijing automotive volleyball club, and other series of activities, has established a leading position in domestic sports marketing, and also greatly promoted the development of Beijing sporting events. The men's volleyball team won the gold medal in 2013 for the first time, which made Beijing realize the goal of obtaining golden metals in three large ball games.

In the edition of the Tour of Beijing, the length of stage 1 was 167 km, starting with the sound of a gunshot from Tangyin Hotel in Chong Li County of Hebei Province at 12:10 p.m., October 10, and ending at the people's government of Zhangjiakou. 135 racers competed in the last edition of the big international event this year. It is reported that, the elevation drop of two stages is over 1000m; the stage 3 and stage 4 require racers to constantly climb, descend and climb over the mountains. Therefore, racers will face a challenge far higher than that of previous years. BAIC Group's auto team for the Tour also set out along with the racers, to provide basic security services for racers in a timely manner, such as providing drinking water, bicycle maintenance and care.

The Stage 1 section started from Tangyin Hotel in Chongli County of Hebei Province arriving at the people's government of Zhangjiakou, with a total length of 167 km. It had two sprinting points and three climbing points, and the highest elevation was 1940m. In the end, Luka Mezgec, a Slovenian 26-year-old racer from Giant- Shimano, won stage 1 with a time of 4h22'48", and was crowned as the "King of Sprint". Luka previously had won in the Bird’s Nest stage in 2013 Tour of Beijing and the last stage of the 2014 Giro d'Italia. The “King of Climbing” in this stage was obtained by Tosh Van der Sande, a Belgiam racer from Lotto Belisol.

It is learned that in order to make bicycle amateurs experience the charm of cycling, this Tour of Beijing involved an "Honorary Ride". The "Honorary Ride" activity will take place in October 14 starting with the sound of gunshot in Tiananmen square;at that time, there will be more than 500 bicycle amateurs participating in it. Some employee representatives of BAIC Group will also participate in the cycling activities. As an enterprise that is committed to the development of new technology for the optimization of auto industry, BAIC Group hopes to take this opportunity to advocate a life idea of green commuting and healthy exercise while promoting the development of Chinese cycling.